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Robertson Work

A Compassionate Civilization: the ongoing conversation about the book

15 replies

21 Jun, 2017

Dear reader,


Welcome to this conversation about A Compassionate Civilization. Please share your thoughts and dialogue with others about each part of the book. In the right column are 10 Host Posts for your comments about the Preface, Prologue, Chapter 1: Our Time of Crisis and Challenge, Chapter 2: An Emerging Civilization of Compassion, Chapter 3: Six Arenas of Transformation, Chapter 4: The Movement of Movements, Chapter 5: Innovative Leadership Methods, Chapter 6: Global-Local Citizenship, Chapter 7: Practices of Self Care for Mindful Activists, and the Epilogue.  


Related to any section of the book, you may share your responses to the following four questions or any other question you may have:


Objective:       What words, images or ideas struck you?


Reflective:      What feelings or associations did you have? 


Interpretative: What was the significance or meaning for you?


Decisional:      What do you decide to do concerning this?


You may also comment on someone else's responses or pose a question to the author or to anyone else. Please introduce yourself when you make your first comments.


Enjoy the journey,


Robertson Work



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