Trusted Sharing Guide
Learn how to create, host, and participate in Trusted Sharing Conversations.

Short Tours for New Users:

  1. Basic Tour for Conversation Participants: How to participate in an existing Trusted Sharing Conversation
  2. Basic Tour for Conversation Creators and Hosts: How to create and host a Trusted Sharing Conversation
  3. Basic Tour about Using Group Pages: How to create and use Trusted Sharing Group Pages

Also See:

  1. Trusted Sharing Two-page Overview
  2. Benefits of using Trusted Sharing
  3. How Trusted Sharing Works
  4. Examples for When and Why to Use Trusted Sharing Conversations

Tips and Resources for Conversation Creators and Hosts:



Paintings by Nancy White


  1. Great Questions for Starting your Own Trusted Sharing Conversations
  2. Designing and Facilitating Asynchronous Online Events, Nancy White
  3. Beginner's Guide by the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)
  4. Chris Corrigan’s Resources for Facilitators
  5. Co-Intelligence Institute Resources
  6. More Resources

Hosting Methods

There are many excellent hosting and facilitation methods
Learn more about them and when to use them:

 NCDD Engagement Streams Guide (description of 22 methods)

Great Blogs about Facilitation:

  1. Nancy White
  2. Martin Gilbraith
  3. Rosa Zubizarreta
  4. Chris Corrigan
  5. Eugene Eric Kim,
  6. Tom Atlee on Co-Intelligence
  7. George Por

Facilitator Networks and Communities:


International Association of Facilitators  (IAF)

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD)

World Café Community

Art of Hosting Community


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Case Studies

Expanding a Short Course at NYU through Trusted Sharing
Adding Trusted Sharing Conversations to a Consulting Process
Facilitated Strategic Planning Workshop with TS Conversations Before and After
Trusted Sharing Conversations Enhance Learning from Blogs