Supports many hosting methods and purposes that most facilitators are already using.
Group pages keep all your group’s conversations and resources in one place.
Easy-to-use design tools and templates help you create effective conversations.
Scheduling is easier; people can participate in flexible time chunks, so more people can participate.
'Flex-time' enhances 'same-time' collaborations. Flex-time can be used to get people contributing ideas before a same-time event, and to keep people focused on the work in-between and after an event.
More time to reflect before responding can improve the quality and depth of the conversation.
Multiple Privacy Options: Conversations can be Public, Private, or spread via trusted networks.
A complete written record and harvesting tools make it easier to review, search and harvest the conversation

Case Studies

Expanding a Short Course at NYU through Trusted Sharing
Adding Trusted Sharing Conversations to a Consulting Process
Facilitated Strategic Planning Workshop with TS Conversations Before and After
Trusted Sharing Conversations Enhance Learning from Blogs