About Our Company: Trusted Sharing

Our company is a not-only-for-profit social venture with important mission and visions for social impact, including: 

·         Helping individuals, groups, organizations, and communities increase their coherence and effectiveness.

·         Enabling Whole Society Conversations – that use and increase the wisdom of the whole. 

·         Spreading positive experiences and understanding of collaborative methods to wider populations.

We are currently a lean start-up that has been focusing primarily on product design, development and testing with user groups for the last 2+ years.  (See some of our early Case Studies.)  We now have a fully functioning and valuable product which we are continuing to build upon as we begin to grow.

We will keep our products free for most individuals and non-profits and smaller organizations.   Our revenue and socially-responsible profits and ROI will come from licensing to enterprise-level organizations, and revenue sharing with members of our Partner Ecosystem of group facilitators and consultants.  We will also seek grants for social impact projects that useTrusted Sharing Conversations, and from other sources consistent with our value.

We are located in Asheville, NC, which is an ideal location for our company, not only because of the beauty of the surrounding mountains, but also because Asheville is the home of a large community of professional group facilitators, and many community groups and organizations that understand, train, or practice collaborative methods.  The Asheville community also reflects many diverse perspectives – an ideal place for practicing and innovating better methods for dialogue and “whole-society” collaboration.

Our most important resources are our team members and our advisors.

Case Studies

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Adding Trusted Sharing Conversations to a Consulting Process
Facilitated Strategic Planning Workshop with TS Conversations Before and After
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