Trusted Sharing Conversations

Trusted Sharing Conversations™ is set of tools and online spaces for creating, hosting, and participating in online conversations and collaborations. 


Trusted Sharing Conversations enable groups and individuals to:

Participate in Flex-time conversations at times that work best for them, for easier scheduling, and so that more people can participate.  Flex-time conversations add value before, between, and after same-time conversations.

Use effective hosting methods to achieve specific purposes such as informal conversations, community building, gathering feedback, strategic planning, dialogue and much more.

Use the power of trusted networks to reach your target audience, increase relevance, and protect privacy.


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Case Studies

Expanding a Short Course at NYU through Trusted Sharing
Adding Trusted Sharing Conversations to a Consulting Process
Facilitated Strategic Planning Workshop with TS Conversations Before and After
Trusted Sharing Conversations Enhance Learning from Blogs